I apologize for the disappearance of the CultOfDanBrown blog and message board.  It was totally unexpected and totally beyond my control; the hosting company simply deleted our entire account of 150+ websites and formatted our dedicated server.  Despite the fact we'd been paying $125/month for hosting and an additional $25/month for offsite backups for the past three years, the company will not return our backed files, and we do not have copies of the sites that ran on databases (for example, the message board and photo gallery on this domain).  The hosting company deleted almost ten years worth of data and although they have backups of all the sites, and our account with them is paid in full, they are refusing to return the backed up files to us unless we pay them a $100 "fee" before November 15th.   

At the moment, I have no way to pay this fee, and don't know when I'll be able to.  I've been unemployed for over 18 months and am disabled.  I've also been running a small animal sanctuary (about 50 "unadoptable" elderly and chronically ill cats, dogs, and parrots) since 2004, and any extra funds I receive have to go to keeping those animals fed.  I either don't eat or rely on food banks at this point in time, that's how bad it's become.  With my health problems, no health insurance, no job, and now no income from all my websites, I am beyond broke.  My house is also in foreclosure and is being auctioned by the bank, so I'm in danger of being homeless.  The fact that the hosting company deleted this message board just as Dan Brown finally released a new book is the most bitter of ironies for me.

I'm posting this to ask for your help in raising the $100 I need to "buy" my database files back so I can relaunch the the website again.  A generous company has donated hosting to me, so there's no worry in the future of the site being deleted.  I'm also willing to sell this website if someone else wants to run it; I'll give you the entire database and the domain name, and will help you install it on a webhost of your choosing.

Any donations made towards helping me retrieve the database files are tax deductible if sent to Donations@WeePaws.org via PayPal.  Not only will your donation bring back this website, it will bring back many other sites that help me pay my bills and keep my animal sanctuary afloat.  If you have questions or are interested in buying this website from me, feel free to email me... I can be reached at CynicalDog AT Yahoo DOT com.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get this message uploaded to the website.  With losing the house and having serious health problems of my own, I'm struggling to stay caught up.